Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Siete Parte

The town was in complete chaos after the horrific carnival fire. Kalenna was shocked and somewhat heartbroken that such a tragic event like this had occurred, but at the same time, she also had a feeling of relief that that dumb carnival was gone. She barely got any sleep due to all the chaos and craziness that had happened after the fire the previous night, and oddly was not the slightest bit tired. Despite all the fact that the town was in complete pandemonium and that she had only one hour of sleep the night before, Kalenna could not get the thought of working at Second Chances out of her head and was determined to get a job, even if it was at a place like Second Chances. Before leaving her apartment, she put on her sexiest outfit, a tight striped red dress that hugged all of her curves, and covered her face in make-up. Kalenna could not do much with her short wavy hair, so she kept it simple just brushing it down. She slipped on a pair of black pumps with heels that made her five inches taller. Kalenna took a close look into the mirror and examined the image looking back at her. What she saw was a mature, sexy woman, but she still felt like an insecure girl. Kalenna could not shake that insecure feeling even while walking to Second Chances and receiving many approving glances in her seductive outfit. She began to feel like that emo gothic girl who always seemed so depressed. She always thought the girl was very weird, but maybe the girl was dealing with the same insecurities as Kalenna. But as she came upon the Second Chances doorway, she noticed two dangerous looking thieves attempting to load a gigantic ATM machine into an old truck. Fright and flashbacks came over Kalenna because she did not know how dangerous the thieves were and whether or not they were going to target her next. So she ran into Second Chances for a safe haven, something she never expected to do.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Seis Parte

Before heading home for the night, Kalenna had to make a quick drugstore stop to pick up a new toothbrush and some toothpaste since she was running low. It was a quiet Sunday night in the store with virtually no one in the store, which was how Kalenna liked it. She preferred shopping with no one else around because it made the whole process much quicker and easier. She knew everyone except her was at the smelly carnival that Kalenna hated and was mad that she had wasted her time going to the day before. To go home Kalenna had to walk right by Second Chances, which happened to look like it was closed. She really wanted to go inside and possibly get a job and give it a “second chance”, but since it looked closed Kalenna decided to wait and kept on walking down Maple Ave. to Watershed Heights. Out of nowhere, the smell of smoke crept into her nose, but she thought it was just more nasty smells coming from the carnival. Then the sight of smoke came into Kalenna’s vision, followed by thick flames. Even though she knew it was a bad idea, Kalenna ran towards the fire to get a closer view of what had happened. While she was running toward the carnival, a hoard of people were running away from it in fear, screaming to the top of their lungs. She didn’t know why, but Kalenna was so intrigued by this massive fire, which could be seen in the wide eyed look of astonishment on her face. She was so intrigued that she almost ran over what looked liked a monster sized baby. Kalenna almost went to pick up the baby, but took a closer look and figured something that big couldn’t a real baby. But then at that moment she got back into her right frame of mind and followed the hoards of people running away from the fire.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cinco Parte

The smell of stale popcorn sneaked into Kalenna's nose as she walked to the carnival that had arrived in the town. The smell thickened as she got closer and closer to the carnival and gave Kalenna the feeling of vomit sneaking up into her throat. It could have been one of the worst things she had smelled in her life. Kalenna walked into the carnival thinking the whole thing had to be a joke; all the rides looked cheap and like they had been used for hundreds of years. Because of that she did not have any interest in getting on any of the rides, but instead she walked over to the animal cages. The dirty smell of he animals soon mixed in with the stale popcorn smell as Kalenna got to the cages, making her feel like the smells could burn the hairs out of her nose. While looking at the animals locked behind the cages, a flashback of the strip club the night before wondered into Kalenna's mind.  She believed the girls employed at Second Chances lived the same lives as the animals in the cages at the carnival, the life of having to be the spectacle of people's entertainment, and exposing themselves in every which way. Kalenna couldn't imagine how those animals and girls could live such a life, but she began to become envious of the attention they received. She did not like to admit it, but Kalenna did love to be the center of a man's attention. She had always been the main girl for the boyfriend she ran away from in Mexico, and she loved that feeling. Kalenna asked herself would it be so bad to work at Second Chances? All that attention from all those men. Didn't sound like such a bad idea.

The next day was Sunday and Kalenna had an urgent need for some inspiration and guidance to figure out what the next move in her life would be. She got up early to go to church to see a popular pastor in the town that she had heard many of the townspeople praising. When Kalenna arrived at the church, Pastor Dan was already preaching, so she took a seat in the back of the church next to a mother and her young child to keep from disrupting the pastor at work. One of the first thoughts that crept into her mind about Pastor Dan was how attractive he was. Forget what he was preaching about. He was probably one of the most attractive men Kalenna had seen here in America. As she began to listen to him, his intelligent words of encouragement made him even more attractive. But who was she kidding? A man like that would never have any interest in a woman like her, Kalenna began to think to herself. So she just sat back and admired him from her far away back row seat, which was the way her admiration should be kept.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cuatro Parte

Snow? Kalenna was amazed at the sight of it, but not with the sights the snow left behind. Snow in Mexico was not something she grew up with. Kalenna did not and could not let the snow debacle stop her from continuing her job search because she could not afford to. Remembering the young girl leaving Second Chances counting a stack of money the night before, Kalenna had serious intent to see what kind of employment she could find there.

Walking into Second Chances was like walking into a blurry world where everything was so surreal for Kalenna. As she walked in, she felt a rush of hot air smother her face. Young girls and old men filled the place. What seemed like tons of dollar bills flew everywhere. The atmosphere was so intense and the only thing Kalenna could do was run back to her apartment. As she was quickly walking into the Watershed Heights building, she couldn't help but overhear two neighbors laughing about an old man crying in his apartment. She heard one the neighbors calling the man crazy and gossiping about the man needing psychological help. Americans and America. How much longer would she have to deal with them went through Kalenna's head as she entered her apartment.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blog 3

It's 2:00 A.M. and once again, another sleepless night for Kalenna. Instead of lying in bed staring into space all night, she decides to go to the rooftop garden and sit there for a while. It's a creepy, dirty, and over run garden, but for some odd reason, it brings peace to Kalenna and it's like a meditation place for her. While sitting up there, a thought comes to her mind that frequently shows up: the boyfriend she ran away from in Mexico. She misses him, but also hates him for the type of person he was. Kalenna begins to think about all of his flaws little flaws, and realizes that was what made her love him so much. Thinking of his short stature and his fiery temper makes her shyly giggle to herself. But she snaps out of her little daydream and quickly comes back to reality. She gets up to walk over to the edge of the rooftop and looks down at the city below her feet. With only a few places still open at this time of night and few people still on the streets, Kalenna thinks to herself that what she is witnessing is odd, being that there was a mysterious meteor shower earlier in the evening. The longer she is in this country, the more she sees things that just blow her mind.

An hour later and still looking over the edge of the rooftop, Kalenna decides to go back to her apartment since there's not too much to watch down below. Before she does, she sees a young looking girl walking towards Watershed Heights from the Second Chances strip club. The girl is wearing a very revealing outfit with sky high shoes, which makes Kalenna ask herself how the young girl is able to walk in such tall shoes. At the same time Kalenna sees the girl counting a big chunk of money. Money. Something Kalenna is desperate for. Her eyes widen and a smile comes across her face. Come daytime, she will go over to Second Chances and possibly find that job she has been searching for.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog 2

It's 4:00 A.M. and Kalenna lies in bed facing another sleepless night. Insomnia has seemed to take control of her. She feels tired but can't sleep. A hour later with the sun rising, Kalenna gets out of the bed and walks over to the window to look out from her fourth story apartment at the city around her. Still trying to get used to her new life, she has been going around the area where Watershed Heights is located trying to meet new people and most importantly, looking for a job. Money has began to run low for Kalenna, so her need for a place of employment is critical. When she left Mexico, she left with only $3,000, which was her life savings. And she's quickly realizing that $3,000 won't last long with her paying for rent and food.

At around 6:40 A.M., Kalenna decides to get an early start to her job search and goes out in the city. As she is leaving the apartment complex, she notices one of her neighbors, Marjorie Wilkins, in total disarray. Kalenna walks by Marjorie, who is surrounded by boxes and appears to be having some personal issues, and thinks to herself how different these new people she is around are from the people she was around in Mexico. She thinks they are odd but interesting at the same time. Their demeanor and actions horrify and fascinate her. These new people that Kalenna is now surrounded by all the time confuse her, but she just can't seem to get enough of them and has a deep desire to be one of them. She tells herself maybe, just maybe, one day she will be. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blog 1

She's alone and desperate. Restless and on the run. Running away from a man who she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. At only twenty-three years old, she has figured out early in life that things don't always go as planned. Having spent all of her life in Mexico, Kalenna Rodriguez has the feeling of being a fish out of water after coming to this country. She has very little money and a broken heart and needs a cheap place to live while hiding out from her boyfriend. In the town where Kalenna has taken up temporary residence, a run down apartment building by the name of Watershed Heights is the only housing she can afford to reside. But during this desperate time in her life, anything will do.

Being the girlfriend of a Mexican drug lord has not always been so difficult for Kalenna, who has, up until recently, enjoyed the perks of the lifestyle she chose. She has come from living in luxury on the beaches of Mexico to living in poverty in a town that appears to be straight out of a horror film. Having spent three years of her life with her drug lord boyfriend, Kalenna believed marriage was in the near future for the two. While sitting in the Vietnamese restaurant across the street from her new residence, she began to replay in her mind how she has ended up in the situation she is currently suffering through and asking herself why she is going through this, something that she has began to do on a frequent basis. One thing she knows for certain is only time will tell what the future holds for her.